World without color

I’m looking for you in every face I see
Looking for the familiarity that used to be
Empty parking lots, bare wrists
What’s a picture without color; what’s me without you?
I’m running to you but you’re already leaving
I’m running faster, running to catch up with you
Running past wondering stares and pointing fingers
Running to stop you from taking another step, the next step…and the next
Running to make you see that we are all it takes
We are all it will take.
Wait for me.
Take my hand.
 Look me in the eye.
Believe me.
Believe me, I beg you…
You smell of home
Carry it with you as you go, leaving me exposed, un-sheltered, cold.
I can’t run anymore; I’m panting and sweaty
I can’t let you leave but I can’t run anymore
Why won’t you stop walking? Why won’t you look back when I call your name?
Tell me you see it too; how great we will be. How unstoppable we are together.
We will conquer the world, swallow them whole. We will make history.
We were born to be legends, can’t you see?
Don’t take that next step, don’t cross over.
If you go, you leave shadows. You leave a world with no depth, and no color.

If you must go, take my heart with you.


  1. But Kullein "If you go, take my heart with you" You are supposed to be the one with all the faith....

    Beautifully written. I enjoyed it with my morning coffee :)

    Please blog for us more.

  2. Hahahaha Thanks Maria. I do have the faith. It's just an article... ;-)

  3. "If you must go, take my heart with you"... this piece is magical

  4. "If you must go, take my heart with you"... this piece is magical


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