I remember a time when my best friend and I would talk about life in a way that you could only see in the movies. We dreamt about finding true love, winning the lottery and living happily ever after. When we shared our dreams, we never realized that things actually go wrong and dreams sometimes do not come true.
        Now a few years later, I am forced to ask myself what exactly can be considered a dream. And even though this particular friend of mine is long gone, I still look back upon those days with hope and longing.
Because, in spite of it all, what we did then was the true definition of dreaming. To be able to perceive something so out of reach that others would consider impossible is what I consider a true dream. To actually envision it coming true and being able to see in your mind the step by step details of how it will all unfold is the stuff that dreams are made of. To live your life sure it will one day come true and to actually involve the possibility in all your plans and actions like it were guaranteed is the life of a true dreamer!!!  I have been termed as a day dreamer, hopeless romantic, naïve, name it. But if all this was so wrong, then why won’t my heart let it go. They say good things come to a man who knows what he wills and wills it with all his heart. I dream with all my heart .And good things are definitely coming to me.                     


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