The many paths of tears

                                               tuesday 23rd august 2011
When emotion affects us, it stimulates the cranial nerve in the brain and this sends signals to the neurons. The presence of androids in the dendrites of neurons increases the electronic activity in the medulla oblongata which results in production of cryolin that in turn catalyses the production of excess saline which is then pumped out through the eyes as a brain response mechanism for homeostasis. Emotional tears differ from scientific lubricant tears in that they contain a higher percentage of adrenonorticotropic hormone and leucine enkephalin that is a natural pain killer.
   The lumbic system, specifically the hypothalamus has a degree of control over the autonomic system. The parasympathetic branch of the autonomic system controls the lucramal glands via the neurotransmitter acetyl-choline through both the nicotinic and muscarinic receptors. When these receptors are activated, the lacrinal gland is stimulated to produce tears. The motor pathway is autonomic and in general uses the pathway of the seventh nerve in the parasympathetic division.
When that one thing that you wanted so much doesn’t come when it should have, when you are too happy it’s almost as if you are walking on air, when you love someone so deeply you would give them your soul if they asked for it, only to find their heart belongs to another, when that one person that you thought would always be there is suddenly no more…you try to speak but somehow the words just won’t come out for one reason or another and yet they can’t last a second longer in your mouth, so you swallow them, only to have them slowly burn your  esophagus like pieces of bitter hot coal as they make their way to the pit of your stomach only to form a knot there, that won’t allow you to breathe regularly…so your breaths start to come in short gasps. Your spirit gives in and your strength is a thing of the past. A state of utter helplessness.                                                                                          When you give up all pretense of having it all together, of having it all figured out, accepting that you are weak, and that yes, even you need a hand every once in a while, when sadness so overwhelming it feels like you have been forced to carry  a heavy heavy blanket and your world is threatening to crush you, these same words are pushed up by the sheer weight of your despair filling up all the space in your abdomen, up past the opening that would have led them out through your mouth now filled incessantly with short breaths to the only part that seems to still be functioning and has the quickest access to the outside-your eyes. Here all the steam that has been gathering throughout the journey meets the cool surface of the eyeballs, condenses on contact. And then the downpour. Yes, after trying to hold it in for so long, you are now crying, finally….


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