Monday, 28 November 2011

Confessions of a dreamer.

California dreams…
I dream of a life where all is well
Of sunny boulevards and tree-lined walkways
Of weekend barbeques and Sunday picnics
Of fancy cocktail parties and all night discos
Of white picket fences and big blue mansions
Of exotic cuisine and vanilla martinis
Of yellow summer dresses and red beach shorts
Of power walks and spa treatments
Of dinners for two and holidays abroad
Of long-time friendships and genuine laughter
Of stolen kisses and passionate love-making
Of moon-lit walks and promises of forever
Of running children and dotting grannies
Of fresh breezes and camping fires
Of extensive family brunches and outdoor games
Of fond reminiscing and anticipation for a great future
Of holding hands and crying together
Of lifelong companionship and rock-hard loyalty
I dream of a life where all is well…


  1. Wouldn't the novelty of all these wonderful things wear off if there were no ugly breaks in between?

    I hate pain as much as the next person, but I think serious, deep contentment can only be felt after a spell of horrible pain.

  2. well i have definately already been through the spell of horrible pain...

    im ready for the deep contentment part right now.

  3. Perhaps its a nice idea to escape from reality for a bit afterall. This is it for when you come back, you are more grounded. Cheers

  4. i totally agree stephen!!everyone needs a break once in a while...