Is it really the last time? Really?

When you do something wrong to someone and say you are sorry,do you actually mean it?
And do you pray in your heart of hearts that you will never do it again? Well i do. At that moment in time,I am more that 100% sure that I will never ever ever do it again.And if I am lucky enough to be forgiven,then I try to make sure it doesn't happen.

So what happens if,by some unprecedented,unseen twist of fate, you actually do it again? And again.And again.And again.And yet each time,you are still as sincere as you were the first time about your apologies.And still with the same determination,you believe you will not do it again.Are you to be forgiven?And if you are, is this for your own good or does this leniency actually disrupt the whole process of you becoming a better person by learning from you mistakes?

And does this make the other person a fool for forgiving you over and over again?Is it all done in the spirit of love and acceptance? Or does this in a way show that you are subconsciuosly taking this person for granted? Does it mean that this mistake you keep making is a part of who you are and that trying to change will always be in vain? At what point does it stop being understanding from the oother person and become sheer ridiculous for them to forgive you again?


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