The topic of aliens and what they could signify for us as Christians is tricky for me because I am neither an expert on Extraterrestrial beings, nor on Christianity. When I embarked on my mission to become a serious and devoted Christian, I never thought there would be so many obstacles. It looks like every single tiny thing either confirms or disproves it; from the color of the sky on a Sunday to the fact that a Bible actually caught fire in a school dormitory somewhere.

As you will read in the links below,everyone has found a way to interpret the Bible and its verses to support whatever views the have about Extraterrestrial Entities(ET-E's), and trust me, the views are not lacking in quantity or diversity.

Here's what i think; God created everything.I believe in God. And I believe in Jesus. I believe He died to take my sins away and through Him I can get to the Father and to Heaven. Do I have my very own questions about all this? Yes,I do. Does the fact that some of those theories that sound air-tight would somehow dispute the whole theory of Salvation move me to doubt even for a second everything that Jesus represents to me,not in a million years. In fact the moment something controversial so much as implies anything in disagreement with the Bible, I quickly run as far as possible in the opposite direction. Maybe they do exist, maybe they don't, the Lord  will clarify about all that when He returns.

In the mean time,I shall continue to try my best to serve Him faithfully and diligently till then.'s.htm,d.dmQ


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