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Saying Adios

Ps;This is a happy article J We all want acceptance. Somewhere to belong. Something to call our very own. And after we get it,we never want anything to mess with the niche we worked so hard to find and perfect to fit our own personal needs.And its never easy to say goodbye or to let go.   But all good things come to and end. It’s a bitter fact. But that’s how it is in this life.   So since all good things come to an end, and usually a painful one, does that mean that we should never invest any emotions in anything? Never give our all in our relationships lest they come to an abrupt   end? That way we can never be hurt? Or allow ourselves to fully enjoy something because that way the pain we feel when it’s all gone is a little less? Or ever allow ourselves to show our vulnerability to those we care so deeply about and things that affect us?   Quite the contrary.   Which is why I said this is a happy article. The future always arrives sooner than you expe