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Wolf and lamb in the same skin My protector and my murderer are one and the same Love and anger wrestle in the same dark small cubicle Pain; the feeling of having your skin peeled off as you watch Of someone taking your four fingers, pulling each two apart in opposite directions until the skin rips Until there's blood everywhere and the smell of putrid raw flesh fills the room My healing lies within my suffering You should have known. You should have intuition about these things; how couldn't you tell? If we are joined at the hip, aren't we joined at heart as well? Isn't my sin your sin? Don't you hear the words in these tears falling down my eyes? I need for you to fix it, to nudge me forward and take me back to the beginning Where it all started, and where it ended To stay by my side and leave me alone Reverse time; make it so none of it ever happened, so we still have that picture perfect I saw the first time I looked in your eyes