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Still believing...

“We're soul mates," he says. "We are forever. Our kind of love cannot be destroyed.” ― Stacey Jay , Juliet Immortal . Yesterday I watched the E! True Hollywood Story of  The late Patrick Swayze. Most people knew him for the passionate actor that he was. But I was really moved by his relationship with his wife. They met when she was fifteen, and even though he moved to another city to chase his dreams,he came back,married her in the back yard of her parents house because they couldnt afford all the proper wedding works, and then they both left their home town Texas with only $2000 to start a new life together. Unlike most hollywood marriages,they stayed together,throughout his addictions, childlessness, cancer and everything. There were never rumours of a divorce or a split up or infidelity. Right to the day of his death, it was true love.       Patrick Swayze(RIP) and wife. Needless to say,watching this took me back to the days when being in l


Came across this article a while back and today i decided to share it. Leah LaRocco | Women You Should Know As I grew up, there were certain things in life I was made ready for. My parents lovingly prepared me for milestones such as my first day of school. I sat in classrooms with educators who taught me how to be conscientious about the planet, how to form a coherent sentence, how to do complicated math that to this day I have never used, and eventually how to take tests that prepared me for higher education. Then I went to college for training in the field of my choice, where I sat in larger classrooms and had experiences that would prepare me for a profession, thereby enabling me to enter the real world and somehow survive. In spite of all this intentional, quite expensive preparation for navigating the waters of life, one thing I was never prepared for was ending up in my 30s, questioning dating and marriage, wondering what on earth I am doing with my life. As young girls,

In the Morning by the sea...(read pool).

Today morning, I went to work (ok, not really work but something of the sort). I went earlier than usual, mostly because the place where I was going has this really cozy restaurant right next door that hasn’t yet been discovered by everyone and has a lovely pool view, especially in the morning; not forgetting delicious breakfast specials.   I wanted to have a quiet morning by myself so I could wallow in whatever emotions I was feeling before it got crowded and I was forced to socialize. Plus I was having a long sad morning and I needed to brainstorm about the way forward regarding a certain area of my life…   Anyway, I get to my cafe and move to the other side to sit by the pool and ponder, and lo and behold, there was already someone! Seated in my usual spot! Lounging so casually as if he did not know that he was seated where I usually sit and would want to continue sitting. Not only was he warming my seat (and I prefer my seats cool and fresh) but he was one of those people