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Letters to Stella

Day one Dear Stella, I am falling into what seems like a bottomless pit. Its pitch black so I can’t see much around me but there is a damp smell and the sound of air rushing fast past me. I struggled at first, frantically moving my hands trying to reach for anything I can grasp, but nothing. After a while, when I realized I was still falling anyway, I let my hands hung limp by my side and decided to see how it goes. I loved you Stella, more than I let show probably. I saw the doubt that flickered across your face sometimes when we were together, a shadow that only lasted a second but I saw it. How could I have shown you what you meant to me without looking weak? Yes, I loved you desperately, it scared me sometimes. I am still falling and it’s getting warmer. I think the pit is narrowing because my fingers are grazing what feels like protruding plant roots. It’s getting more humid too so maybe I am close to the bottom. I didn’t fight the fall Stella; you would have been disappoi