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Less change, more growth.

We’ve all heard the saying that change is the only constant and if you don’t change, then change will change you. I have been a conformer to this mantra for a really long time until it hit me; this does not apply to our characters. It may apply to techniques, strategies, technologies and so on but not to our characters. The Bible says God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. As Christians, what you want to do is be transformed to become more and more like Jesus daily. What you want to do instead is GROW. Call it change that is positive and personal.  There must be some things that you wish were different about you. If you are absolutely content with the way you are now, know also that no one is perfect and if you ask God to, He will show you which parts of you can be improved [and how], not because there is something wrong with you but because it is His will that we move from glory to glory, that we graduate from milk to food. I recently said that prayer. I

What's on replay already on my playlist

No, its not too early to be feeling the christmas spirit. To be honest, I've been counting down since say...May. I know you would like to think that being excited about the season is for children and that the older you grow, the more like-any-other-day it becomes. For me, it's the opposite. You know how they say there is a little child inside of every one of us, my little inner child comes out during Christmas; and she is a happy, giddy, dance-all-over-the-place kind of girl. If you asked me about what it is exactly that makes me excited, i'll give you four good reasons why; 1. Jesus died for us (Surely I don't have to explain this but if you need some more info on this, I'm willing to take you through it) 2. There's just something warm and fun and pure about christmas.(Think hugs, pies, hot chocolatey drinks, warm clothes, presents, smiles etc) 3. We get to stay home (If you work, then I don't have to say anything else) 4. Hope; If you los