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Still Proudly Ugandan!!

It has come to my attention that there are afew obvious but unique ways you can know for a fact that some one is a proper Ugandan. These character traits are not genetic or anything like that,but if you are born and raised in Uganda,somehow,you will find yourself agreeing with most of these points; 1. (The most obvious one I would say) We love to party. Partying solves everything. If youre stressed out,you hit the club. If youre happy,you throw a party. When you're overwhelmed by debt,you go to the beach. When there's an earthquake,you organise an 'earthquake party'. If you hear of a shinding in Jinja,and have only shs2,000 in your wallet,you borrow the money or start the trekk. God forbid that a birthday should come and go without some sort of celebration!! Be it January or December,sunshine or rain,wether there is a Global disaster going on,in Uganda,the party continues. 2. Never do things on your own. You want to go shopping,call up a friend. If you have a job in


All I do is smile. And laugh. And dance. You. There’s only you. It’s us against the world. There’s only us at the end of the day. Just you and me. I see your face and I’m lost for words. I have to take a second and take you all in. My love. All mine. What is this feeling? A joy so intense that it makes me choke up and leaves me speechless. You have made me so happy. You are everything and more. I wouldn’t change anything about you. So amazing, and kind, and generous, so real and mature. So beautiful. The way you love me; it’s like nothing I’ve known before. I want it all to myself, and yet I want the whole world to know what I’ve found. I want to show you off, and yet I don’t want to share you. I smile when I think of you. And even as I write this, tears flood my key board. What is this feeling??? Does everyone else feel this or is it just me? If they do, how do they manage to control themselves? I want to hold you so tight, squeeze you so t


'Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not yet ok, then it's not yet the end.' There's nothing that makes you feel worse than the realisation that you have failed. It doesn't matter how difficult or simple the task was,it doesn't matter how many times you've failed before,the sting will always be as sharp and as painful as if it were your first failure. It's especially pronounced when there is a way what went wrong could have been prevented in the first place,or if it is entirely your fault,and yours only. I wish I could say that over the years the impact of the sting of failure as it's teeth penetrate even your strongest deepest guard-walls will become less painful. I,however cannot do that,because it is not true. Its always going to hurt when you fail. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud though; the duration of the pain gets shorter and shorter as you mature. Yes,it actually does. With time,if you are keen about it,you will learn


This is a happy post. Imagine you’re the kind of person that rarely gets put down; Happy-go-lucky and always looking on the happier side of life.   You have hard days but your optimism always gets you through them someway or somehow, everyone comes to you when they are looking for a smiling face…until this thing happens. It could be a person or a circumstance or a season or anything really under the sun or above, but something that just won’t go away. It’s like it has been sent to prove to you and the world at large that you’re not really who you think you are or claim to be. It lasts longer than it should, requires you to work way harder than you should, drains your effort till even “even a chicken could kill you if it wanted”, it discourages you more than you have ever been discouraged, and just smothers all the light in you, till the darkness is so intense you can’t see straight. You suffocate and start to doubt your very own beliefs. Stop. Don’t try too har