Still Proudly Ugandan!!

It has come to my attention that there are afew obvious but unique ways you can know for a fact that some one is a proper Ugandan. These character traits are not genetic or anything like that,but if you are born and raised in Uganda,somehow,you will find yourself agreeing with most of these points;

1. (The most obvious one I would say) We love to party.
Partying solves everything. If youre stressed out,you hit the club. If youre happy,you throw a party. When you're overwhelmed by debt,you go to the beach. When there's an earthquake,you organise an 'earthquake party'. If you hear of a shinding in Jinja,and have only shs2,000 in your wallet,you borrow the money or start the trekk. God forbid that a birthday should come and go without some sort of celebration!! Be it January or December,sunshine or rain,wether there is a Global disaster going on,in Uganda,the party continues.

2. Never do things on your own.
You want to go shopping,call up a friend. If you have a job interview,someone must come along for moral support. Wether you're going to the barbers or to the market,to a wedding (where the card only admits one) or a funeral, be it a house-warming or a Baptism or just a day you want to take off work and just stay home chilling,you have to go through your contacts and call every appropriate person until you find someone to do it with you.

3. We do not complain. (Not enough to be heard anyway)
Ugandans adjust to new situations very quickly and a tad bit quietly. No one will want to be the one that starts a protest or anything of the sort. If food prices go up,you find a way. If your wife is cheating on you and you find out,you deal with it quietly. If your leaders are robbing you in broad day light,you make jokes about it on the internet. When your boyfriend comes home later and later everyday,you get another for the day-time. If your parents reduce your allowance,there is a sudden increase in all your prices of your 'necessities'. Rather than confront the situation,we would rather find a way to deal with it.

4. We are the best at keeping up appearances.
I once heard somewhere that people buy things they don't like with money they don't have to impress others that don't really care-Ugandans in a nutshell. Our houses are getting bigger,our cars more flashy,our clothes are all imported and even beggars have I-phones. You would never tell what's really going on in someone's life unless you actually know what's going on in someone's life. That's all I'm saying.

5. We love our food.
Thank God we are blessed with lots to choose from. We definately want to have our cake and eat it too,we can always go to the gym after. Ugandans like to eat,good food especially. Its almost compulsory to have three meals a day,basic structure being 'food' and 'sauce'. Its how we get over stuff, its how we socialise and make new friends, its how you make a guest feel welcome in a home and its how you know you're working hard.

6. Last but not least,you welcome everyone.
You've heard How Ugandans are known to excel at hospitality and being friendly,its true. Wether I know you or not,I'm not going to stop you from attending my drink-up or wedding. No!! Infact,ill let you,a total stranger ride with us to the club for the after-party and then crush at my house for the night. Yes,we are trusting like that. You will never hear that so and so was ignored or locked out because nobody knew him. If you're my friend's friend,then you're my friend too:we can deal with the introductions later!

I couldn't exhaust the points even if I tried. We are who we are,with all our positives and negatives. Regardless,I'm still proud to be Ugandan.


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