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The stronger sex!

I had never really taken the time to wonder why there is so much hype about women. It was just one of those facts that I was indifferent about. I mean I liked it,I appreciate the appreciation, but I just wasn't interested enough to ponder further on an issue such as that. The various songs about women, the various holidays, it was like the wind to me; its a mystery where it comes from and where its going but you're not curious enough to find out more. Women's day was just a public holiday I was grateful for because I did not have to go to work. Honestly speaking, for a long time, I thought it was a stroke of bad luck that I am a woman, a disadvantage of sorts. We are supposedly the emotional ones, we are the ones supposed to step aside and put others before self, and no matter what they tell you, there is still a heck load of gender based discrimination going on everywhere. Being a woman in a working environment where men still do not categorize your ideas and in