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The topic of aliens and what they could signify for us as Christians is tricky for me because I am neither an expert on Extraterrestrial beings, nor on Christianity. When I embarked on my mission to become a serious and devoted Christian, I never thought there would be so many obstacles. It looks like every single tiny thing either confirms or disproves it; from the color of the sky on a Sunday to the fact that a Bible actually caught fire in a school dormitory somewhere. As you will read in the links below,everyone has found a way to interpret the Bible and its verses to support whatever views the have about Extraterrestrial Entities(ET-E's), and trust me, the views are not lacking in quantity or diversity. Here's what i think; God created everything.I believe in God. And I believe in Jesus. I believe He died to take my sins away and through Him I can get to the Father and to Heaven. Do I have my very own questions about all this? Yes,I do. Does the fact that some of