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Ms Potato; Mr.Cheese

                                                                               With all the eateries springing up everywhere in Kampala these days, it has become a bit difficult to look forward to going to a new restaurant or food. If you are a restaurant trotter like myself, always looking out for something new and unique, looking for cuisines that will leave you palate refreshed, you might encounter a bit of frustration. I have now learned to look at going to a new restaurant like I would meeting someone for the first time. Each dish has a personality and just like people, some are agreeable while others are not so much. These are some of the food personalities I have encountered so far; -The old faithful  Much as I really despise the use of this word, I feel it accurately defines some of this food. You know that dish you have that feels like home; it’s adequately delicious, it’s familiar and it’s safe. You’ve had this meal many times before and while it’s not s