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With all the eateries springing up everywhere in Kampala these days, it has become a bit difficult to look forward to going to a new restaurant or food. If you are a restaurant trotter like myself, always looking out for something new and unique, looking for cuisines that will leave you palate refreshed, you might encounter a bit of frustration. I have now learned to look at going to a new restaurant like I would meeting someone for the first time. Each dish has a personality and just like people, some are agreeable while others are not so much. These are some of the food personalities I have encountered so far;

-The old faithful

 Much as I really despise the use of this word, I feel it accurately defines some of this food. You know that dish you have that feels like home; it’s adequately delicious, it’s familiar and it’s safe. You’ve had this meal many times before and while it’s not super exciting, it still gets the job done.

-The feisty b***h

Think un-tamable; you have had this dish before. In fact, you have had it so many times, you should be able to recognize it with your eyes closed by now. However, for some reason, your being will not let you get used to it. It makes your eyes tear, gives you a stomach upset, leaves you bloated and there is a hangover thrown in sometimes just for the sake of it. Only thing is; it’s so DELICIOUS!

-The one night stand

You’ve had it on your to-eat list for a while, say because it was recommended by a friend. The praises ring high for this one and when you finally have it placed before you by a smiling waiter, you can’t wait to dig in; and guess what, it’s actually great. There’s just something about it though that really isn’t for you. Yes you had a good time but you know deep down, you won’t be trying it again.

-The BFF

Need I say more about this type of food…? It’s delicious. It’s fun. Not too pricy and not too fancy and yet posh enough for you to have with a romantic date, work colleague or your mother. It’s your go-to dish; first one that pops up into your mind when you go to eat out and the one you look out for on every menu. Only problem is; it’s fattening.

Photo cred (2 and 3); Zahra Abdul                                                                                                 


  1. My BFF isn't fattening, in fact, it makes me come off as fancy...exotic...It's also my old faithful. What i need now is a one night stand.

  2. Hahaha I feel like i can identify your BFF/Old faithful... Funny, the one you need is the one I've had a lot of!

  3. uuummmmm.....mojo....hahahaha

    I have a lot of old faithfuls, I order one till I get sick of it, then i rotate.

    1. Hehe. Then i hate to be the one to say this but...You is a player!!

  4. My foods cut across, it's really hard separating them


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