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It was all because we had moved once again, my family and me. After some significant ups and downs, with more downs if we are being completely honest, we finally settled in an amazing place where we could all be together at peace. While looking for a place to eat one day, a friend of mine suggested a recently opened restaurant called Raves that was about a five minutes drive from my house. I was not disappointed at all. Not only was it very very close to my house, it was just my kind of place. Warm and homely, with dimmed yellow lights, soft music, great location, not too many of the people I know and it had really good food. I didn't know it then when my friend suggested that I try the mocca milkshake that a tradition had just started.  Not only did Raves become my go to place, the mocca milk shake became my drink. Before long, I was having all my first dates with the various pursuers at Raves. Then, all the waiters were asking if I wanted ‘the usual’, and