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"When all the chips are down, I will always be around...Just to be right there where you are my love". Something about this video; that brief instrumental at the intro of the song as Whitney smiles takes me back to a time when I was maybe ten or eleven. You have to be an old soul to appreciate it. #Mood  #Moodforever Picture yourself in those woods, let's say they are woods surrounding a little cottage and you're out for a stroll. It's winter but you're really warm (thanks in part to the warm feeling in your chest but also to the fabulous coat you have on). There's Christmas lights running up and down the trees. There's Violin and Piano  music playing in the background. You're away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. You believe in miracles and dreams coming true. You're in love and for that brief moment, everything is as it should be.