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Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I got to gently lay my hand on the tummy of a pregnant lady and feel her baby move… It was such a profound moment, knowing that there was a life in there, waiting to be brought into this world, shaped and molded and made into just about anything... You would probably think it’s because I haven’t had children of my own that I am still so deeply moved by this small event, but it’s for this same reason that my awe should be not taken lightly. Because sometimes after you have had a few children of your own, and have been worn out by the never-ending duties that come with motherhood, you forget to fully appreciate what it is that really happened. You need someone to take you back to those days way back, when you didn’t take it for granted… As a woman, you have been blessed with the huge responsibility of bringing a life into this world; A LIFE! The one thing that all the geniuses and professors of science in all its advancement have still

LIGHT BULB MOMENTS; Four shortcuts to caring less!

I looked up a solution to excess feelings just the other day. I thought, ‘If we can clone a human being, surely, we can suppress a few out-of-balance hormones in the body, heck, we can eliminate them completely if we decided’… I suffer from a condition called Care-too-much/Trust-too-much/Love-too-much-iasis. It’s a condition where you don’t know how to do things half-heartedly. When you are in, you are all in. Apparently, you can’t survive in the world today if you suffer from this condition. You need to know how to sit on some of these feelings or else your little arse will be dragged in the mud from here to Kingdom come… At first I didn’t believe it, but in just the last two months, I’ve seen Angels turn to red horned devils, outright malice from those you thought were your people, those who promised to always be there for you leave for good, and altogether more tears than I saw in the whole of last year combined. Now, usually I’m a happy-go-lucky optimistic person, but even