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Five things you need to know about the National ECD Policy

On Thursday September 15 2016 at Imperial Royale Hotel, Uganda launched its first-ever National Policy and Action plan on Early Childhood Development.   The policy is expected to contribute to social, economic and human development, increase of workforce productivity, and poverty reduction . The NIECD Policy of Uganda has three major objectives;       - To harmonize existing ECD policy related goals, objectives, strategies and initiatives within and across all sectors.      -To set, improve and align standards for ensuring access to well- coordinated, quality, equitable and inclusive ECD services within and across sectors.           -To build and strengthen capacity of systems and structures to deliver integrated quality and inclusive ECD programs.   It will also ensure integrated services for children from conception to eight years of age in the form of health, nutrition, education, protection, and parenting support services; representing one of Uganda’s most cost-

The best start in life

This is one of my favorite pictures from when I was a baby. It's my elder sister and I posing for a picture that was to be sent to my father in Denmark. I don’t remember much from the time that I was a child. I do however remember feeling safe. Some memories stand out for me however from the early years of my life. On the weekends when my dad was around, my mum and dad would buy either goat’s meat or cornflakes, I do not know why it was one of the two foods but it was always one of the two. They would set up an eating place, one bowl or dish, and place it on a table in the corridor of our small house. My siblings and I would sit around this table together and eat the cornflakes/goat’s meat till the bowl was empty. My mum and dad would stand at the end of the corridor, holding each other and watching us eat together. I can’t remember the exact expressions on their faces but I would like to think that it was something like; ‘Yup, we created that’. Another memory that stan

Could it

Everyone has struggles. We all go through periods that are particularly trying to us. After a certain age, or at a certain point in life, you realize that these trials are part of life. You realize that they will always come and pass so you brace yourself and pray to come out on top. For some of us, you even develop a coping mechanism that will help you through it; mine is usually time-off/away because then I get a different perspective which always helps me to adjust.   So what happens when a time comes and your mechanism does not work ? And it does come sooner or later. What do you do? Do you just throw in the towel and let yourself sink into a pity party of massive proportions? Do you throw yourself headfirst into the situation and try to fix it whatever way you know how? Do you run to your friends/family/loved ones and ask them to help you solve the problem? Do you throw money at it? Drink/party the problem away maybe?   Do you pray and fast for days; throw in some