Could it

Everyone has struggles. We all go through periods that are particularly trying to us. After a certain age, or at a certain point in life, you realize that these trials are part of life. You realize that they will always come and pass so you brace yourself and pray to come out on top. For some of us, you even develop a coping mechanism that will help you through it; mine is usually time-off/away because then I get a different perspective which always helps me to adjust.  

So what happens when a time comes and your mechanism does not work? And it does come sooner or later. What do you do?

Do you just throw in the towel and let yourself sink into a pity party of massive proportions? Do you throw yourself headfirst into the situation and try to fix it whatever way you know how? Do you run to your friends/family/loved ones and ask them to help you solve the problem? Do you throw money at it? Drink/party the problem away maybe?  Do you pray and fast for days; throw in some overnight prayers as a bonus? (Christians, I see you…) I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with trying any of the above; to each his own, but what happens when you try all these but they still don’t work?

Have you ever thought that maybe the problem might be you?

Yes, I said it! I believe that it all starts from the inside. Who you are, your character affects the way your life turns out to a very large extent. You can always tell when something is different on the inside though you’ll find most of us would rather live in denial all our lives than admit that maybe, something just ain’t right. Sometimes something as small as reading two extra pages of that book or getting to work ten minutes earlier than usual or even just smiling four times a day instead of the regular two is all it takes. 

So how do you know it’s you? You don’t have to look far to know something’s going on with you. There are so many ways to know if you’re in turmoil inside; the first and easiest one being the words you say. From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. Also, if you find yourself being ruder than usual, more abusive, spewing filth basically, then there might be something you need to address.  If you find yourself more agitated, easily irritated, faster to bite off someone’s head than usual, then two things are happening. 

1)   The situation has finally gotten to you; this is probably because it’s taking longer than you thought it would and also your usual Three-step-solve-it-all-in-two-days-plan is not cutting it.
2) You need a new strategy; usually this works best if YOU adjust.  ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.' Not my words...

It sucks I know. No one likes to think they are the problem; we all want to believe we are perfect. We are doing the right thing. It’s this and that that needs to change; It's so and so with the problem. Maybe it does need to change and maybe so and so does have a problem, but while you wait for it them change, do a little changing yourself. To make a slight alteration to the famous Michael Jackson lyrics; If you want to make your world a better place, stand with the man in the mirror. Take a look at yourself and make that change.


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