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World without color

I’m looking for you in every face I see Looking for the familiarity that used to be Empty parking lots, bare wrists What’s a picture without color; what’s me without you? I’m running to you but you’re already leaving I’m running faster, running to catch up with you Running past wondering stares and pointing fingers Running to stop you from taking another step, the next step…and the next Running to make you see that we are all it takes We are all it will take. Wait for me. Take my hand.  Look me in the eye. Believe me. Believe me, I beg you… You smell of home Carry it with you as you go, leaving me exposed, un-sheltered, cold. I can’t run anymore; I’m panting and sweaty I can’t let you leave but I can’t run anymore Why won’t you stop walking? Why won’t you look back when I call your name? Tell me you see it too; how great we will be. How unstoppable we are together. We will conquer the world, swallow them whole. We will make history. We were

Part of something bigger.

I am a person who likes order. I have nothing whatsoever against systems; except for those that I feel do not work for me. For people like me, deciding whether or not to join a system is usually a very big task. Take for instance joining my current place of employment. I needed to be sure; not that the place was suited for me, but that I was suited for the place. I did not want to be the employee who after one year or so, both you and the employer are wondering what on earth they were thinking. Naturally, I want to make things I come into contact with better. I also did not want to be a disappointment /embarrassment to all those that had pushed the process of getting that particular job along. I wanted to be sure, at least to a certain degree, that come what may, even after time had passed, I would still wake up daily and give 100%. I did not want to fail. So I weighed my options carefully, realistically and rationally and after what I feel was a thorough brain-storm session,