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Dear Social Media Star, I have Every Right to Share My Life too.

  I want you to imagine a person who has everything that you are currently working towards in your life. Imagine that they have the dream house, the dream relationship, the dream job, the dream friends, the dream life and a perfect personal brand and reputation. Picture the kind of person that has over 5000 friends on Facebook and each time they post a simple selfie, within an hour they get over 300 likes and 100 comments . Visualize a person who is always dressed impeccably, and speaks so eloquently, even when caught off guard in an office meeting. They are always seen at the hippest events, and let’s not forget to add the fact that they have   a feature column in the national newspaper to share their latest escapades.   Imagine this person is always posting pictures of themselves and ‘bae’ on some paradise island trip, while you are busy sunbathing at home in your garden reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘ Eat Pray Love’. They have told people that “bae” is amazing and fulfills

The Prologue...

I sat across the table rubbernecking at the couple that had strolled into the Cafe; to everyone who cared to watch, the lady was deep in love while the gentleman seemed just a knee in. He appeared not to pay attention to what she was saying but afforded an occasional laugh to keep her going. He had a lot on his mind and time was no longer his ally. The lady was elegantly dressed, a blue dress top; vogue they called it, black leggings and a cream sweater,and for the cold weather; the scarf sufficed. Temperatures were dropping by the hour and a few days later winter would be knocking at our doors. The ring on her finger was definitely aesthetic; to match her jewelry and the watch on her arm, it must have been bought for her as a gesture of his “love”. Dressed in a white polo shirt tucked into white khaki pants with a white kangaroo cape and white moccasins; the young seemingly corporate and averagely tall gentleman strolled majestically with his lady, arm in arm, across the caf

So I fall in love...

“So I fall in love, With the ones that run me through, When all along all I need is you.” Switchfoot “Poets that rhyme together Stay together” At least that should be in the rule book But the book has no specifics No special instructions based on Vocation, location or temperament. It even says nothing about disease Or disability. She is no poet And I’m no rock star; I love the quiet getaways Where the waters crush on the rocks And the silence that speaks with my soul She loves the wild water Where birds make noise in a flock Where her voice must get to the top. I’m in love with her sunshine She’s in love with my rain And it doesn’t cause rainbows Just cats whose spots won’t change; I want more for the cold She wants more for the heat There’s not yet been a place Where we travel at peace. And the book has no specifics No special instructions, Doesn’t care for exceptional languages Or self-immolation There is a man that must die And one that mu