So I fall in love...

“So I fall in love,
With the ones that run me through,
When all along all I need is you.”
“Poets that rhyme together
Stay together”
At least that should be in the rule book
But the book has no specifics
No special instructions based on
Vocation, location or temperament.
It even says nothing about disease
Or disability.

She is no poet
And I’m no rock star;
I love the quiet getaways
Where the waters crush on the rocks
And the silence that speaks with my soul
She loves the wild water
Where birds make noise in a flock
Where her voice must get to the top.

I’m in love with her sunshine
She’s in love with my rain
And it doesn’t cause rainbows
Just cats whose spots won’t change;
I want more for the cold
She wants more for the heat
There’s not yet been a place
Where we travel at peace.

And the book has no specifics
No special instructions,
Doesn’t care for exceptional languages
Or self-immolation
There is a man that must die
And one that must live
If you’re reading right
Love’s the man that lives.

The writer of this article, Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa is a blogger. He loves literature, African literature, and is reading more of it lately even participating in the Africa Reading Challenge. He has experience in Social Media, Content Management, and graphics ….He writes about his experience with see(k)ing God, creative fictional prose and poetry,  and on numerous topical issues at


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