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Honesty;is it overated?

                                                           HONESTY: IS IT OVERRATED? To all those that believe honesty is the best policy, here is some food for thought. I happen to be one of these people that believe in that theory but lately I find myself in some controversial situations and cannot seem to find a solution that will make everyone happy. Yes I believe in telling the truth when your parents ask you where exactly you are at four in the morning, and I believe in telling the truth when somebody asks you how old you are, or where you live… But what about the times when your boyfriend asks you if you like the perfume he bought you? Do you actually tell him you think it smells like insecticide and would rather go on a hunger strike than use it? Do you continue to tell him how, in fact, you are currently using it to reduce the number of bugs in your room? Or do you smile, kiss him sweetly on the cheek and say you love it. And what about your friend’s baby, do you sm


Recently as I was shifting from my former bedroom to the one I am in now, I was sorting through my stuff trying to decide what stays and what goes when I came across a notebook that contained some of my first notes and sketches and stuff. Also it contained the ten or so pages of a novel that I had once started to write but stopped halfway…one particular piece got my attention and I decided to share it. Not only because I believe it’s a particularly good piece, but also because I remember writing it with so much sincerity and passion. I meant every single word and even now, it still speaks to me.                           I want to be more I don’t want to be just another name Just another human that traversed this earth from one time to another… I don’t want to be just another believer Just another soul that went to church every Sunday I want to be the girl that wept over a moving testimony The one who reached out to help a needy person Gave until it hurt… I d