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‘If I’m very still, I will hear one clear voice…’ Having trouble choosing between whatever choices have been placed before you? Making that decision has got you so stressed out that you can’t eat? Your skin is losing its color and for some reason or the other, you can’t seem to enjoy anything else? It’s such a hard decision because both sides have got their pros and cons and none outweighs the other? And your friends can’t help because they could never understand the situation well enough? Stop kidding yourself. You already know what the right choice is, at least what’s right for you. Deep down you already know what you should pick because it fits you perfectly. You are trying so hard to ignore that voice that is calmly saying “this is the right choice”, constantly fighting yourself;  maybe because you are afraid of things going wrong, maybe because  you are hoping that someone else will help you make the decision so that if things do go wrong, you have someone to blame,


Be kind to one another, everyone has a story, some worse than yours. That lady that tries to steal your parking spot every morning is so lonely back home and wishes she had someone to talk to. And that security guard that checks you extra thoroughly even if you have been coming to the same building for two years and never even once had an issue is trying to forget that he left his sick son home with only two tablets left between him and death. And that annoying b***h at work who for some reason or the other keeps talking  about you behind   your back with all your friends and keeps giving you dagger eyes cries in the bathroom during lunch break because she doesn’t understand why, even after giving him her all, her boyfriend still wants to call it quits. And that boda guy that took more than he should have is crushing at a friend’s as he slowly collects money for rent. The landlord won’t even let him take his stuff out before he pays. And the teller at the supermarket who i


Ever wondered what would have happened if you were not who you were? They say if even just one factor of your life is changed, your whole future changes. So what if you were not who you were? Going back to the beginning, what if it wasn’t that sperm that had been the first to reach the ovum? Or what if your mother had never met your dad? And what if you had never gone to that kindergarten, or to that primary school?   Or what if instead of arriving on the first day of school and getting the seat next the girl that became your best friend for ten years, you had arrived on the third day and had to sit elsewhere? What if you were born in another country altogether? What if you were disabled? What if your parents had separated when you were nine and you had to move? What if you had taken English literature at the university instead of going to medical school? Or what if you had actually gone right instead of going left that day?   Would you still be you? Would you still ta

The big bang theory???

We all have that one life-defining moment that is supposed to make you who you are, determine what kind of person you will become and the kind of life you will lead. I have been waiting for that moment for a long time. And each time something happened and I thought the moment had finally come , I would later realize that it wasn’t the one, and the same thing would happen with the next one and the next, and the next. It’s just now that I realize that the moment passed a long time ago for me, around twelve years ago to be precise. Sadly, it was not a positive moment I’m afraid, and it left me with my guard constantly up, and I never realized till recently that it was something I had to recover from. But here’s the thing, I realized that it was there. I realized that it was negative, and I realized that it had affected me. But I’m healing. And working on myself daily, and sometimes I’m really impressed by how far I have come since the realization. Maybe its just growing up, you