Be kind to one another, everyone has a story, some worse than yours.
That lady that tries to steal your parking spot every morning is so lonely back home and wishes she had someone to talk to.

And that security guard that checks you extra thoroughly even if you have been coming to the same building for two years and never even once had an issue is trying to forget that he left his sick son home with only two tablets left between him and death.

And that annoying b***h at work who for some reason or the other keeps talking  about you behind  your back with all your friends and keeps giving you dagger eyes cries in the bathroom during lunch break because she doesn’t understand why, even after giving him her all, her boyfriend still wants to call it quits.
And that boda guy that took more than he should have is crushing at a friend’s as he slowly collects money for rent. The landlord won’t even let him take his stuff out before he pays.

And the teller at the supermarket who is taking her time in spite of how late she clearly knows you are can’t seem to understand why her son was the one that had to go and got expelled from school. In fact, if she doesn’t do something about his sister’s grades, she is going to follow him soon enough.
And what about that child in your class that is mean to you for no reason, secretly wishing her parents would give her the time of day, just once.

And your best friend who keeps has been acting up all week can’t believe this week marks a year since her husband died.
And your manager who just said you will all have to start wearing uniform to work is battling cancer, and yesterday, he found out has diabetes too.

And your brother who keeps telling on you for the smallest of things and won’t let you be is wondering why you are so much better than he is, and why you seem to get away with almost all the bad things you do while he, who has been an ideal son, has never even once received any approval for his hard work.
And you, you walk around with an attitude and are quick to tell whoever off, in fact people are afraid to cross you in case you embarrass them terribly. You are known as the guy ‘that doesn’t give a f***’, when in fact all you want is to fit in so badly…

Yes, be kind to everyone, yourself inclusive.


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