Soundtracks to the movie about my life

The people who get to make a movie on my life will be lucky bastards, if I do say so myself. It will definitely be a full color picture in HD that will break box office records and win some Oscars! It will give such an adrenaline rush and have people gripping the edges of their seats and re-thinking the way they are living; ‘filimu yamasasi’ basically! But the best part of that movie will be the soundtracks!

1.       Knowing you Jesus - Graham Kendrick
I have been back and front, had some experiences that I thought were life changing. I have met some pretty incredible people and ticked impressive boxes on my ‘To-do list’, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING could ever compare to knowing Jesus the way that I have gotten to and continue to do. Everything that I am, every good thing that you think you may see in me, everything that I will ever be, will be because of God in my life. If this soundtrack is left out of the movie of my life, then it’s a lie.

2.       I lived - One republic
Everything I’ve done, I’ve done with all I got. This means that the highs felt like flying in a clear blue sky, and that the lows were felt with equal intensity. I’ve felt happiness, and excitement and pleasure, and fear and anger and pain. I’ve known true love and heartbreak. I’ve felt my heart explode with elation and seen my eyes red and puffy from tears. I’ve danced in the rain and camped in forests. I’ve eaten salads and sung in the church choir. I’ve had a movie marathon at the cinema and eaten breakfast on the floor. I’ve been above the clouds and in the water. I’ve owned every single second of my life.

3.       Photograph – Nickelback
Because each moment was so well lived, I find myself looking back often with fondness. I wonder how my old friends are doing, and where life has taken them. I remember how big everything seemed then and see how small it is now. I wonder if I’d change anything If I was ever given the chance to go back. I wonder if people remember me the way that I remember them. I wonder how differently things could have turned out if I’d made different choices. I wonder how different things will be five, ten years from now. Sometimes I miss those days, but most times, I’m excited about what’s to come.

4.       Like I’m gonna lose you - Meghan Trainor and John Legend
Relationships are such a big part of my life, especially romantic ones. Believe it or not, romantics still exist. We still believe in the old-fashioned till-forever kind of love. We still believe in true love. We believe in soul-mates and meant-to-be. If we’ve loved you, then you can be sure we went all in. Tomorrow is not promised, and you never know what could happen to those in your life right now. So I believe in loving like today is your last day, and I believe this will be reflected in my life movie.

5.       Do or die - Thirty seconds to Mars
This soundtrack will refer to all the millions of times I’ve had to and will have to start over. It will show that I did not taking anything for granted, but also I was never be afraid to begin again. It will talk about how I lived with no regrets.
Someone once said that the biggest mistake we can make is thinking we have time. I could not agree more.


  1. But Kullein....No Beyonce? I am disturbed.

    'I wonder if people remember me the way that I remember them.'

    I like the above line, it's perfectly wistful.

    Can't wait for you to sign with life time movies! tehehe.

    1. Hahahahaha you know I got mad for the queen...sorry for the late reply Maria.


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