Ever wondered what would have happened if you were not who you were?

They say if even just one factor of your life is changed, your whole future changes. So what if you were not who you were? Going back to the beginning, what if it wasn’t that sperm that had been the first to reach the ovum? Or what if your mother had never met your dad? And what if you had never gone to that kindergarten, or to that primary school?
Or what if instead of arriving on the first day of school and getting the seat next the girl that became your best friend for ten years, you had arrived on the third day and had to sit elsewhere? What if you were born in another country altogether? What if you were disabled? What if your parents had separated when you were nine and you had to move? What if you had taken English literature at the university instead of going to medical school? Or what if you had actually gone right instead of going left that day?


Would you still be you? Would you still talk the same, and dress the same, and think the same and have the same dreams and ambitions that you have now? Would you believe in what you believe in now? Would your character be the one that you had now? But most importantly, the most important people in your life right now, would they still hold their current respective positions??

Well folks, we will never know. But there is one thing I can assure you, some things are just meant to be .They are above any explanation and any logic. And do not be shocked if one way or another, your paths cross anyway and even in that parallel lifetime, you still end up with some of the best that you have in your life now.


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