‘If I’m very still, I will hear one clear voice…’

Having trouble choosing between whatever choices have been placed before you? Making that decision has got you so stressed out that you can’t eat? Your skin is losing its color and for some reason or the other, you can’t seem to enjoy anything else? It’s such a hard decision because both sides have got their pros and cons and none outweighs the other? And your friends can’t help because they could never understand the situation well enough?

Stop kidding yourself. You already know what the right choice is, at least what’s right for you. Deep down you already know what you should pick because it fits you perfectly. You are trying so hard to ignore that voice that is calmly saying “this is the right choice”, constantly fighting yourself;  maybe because you are afraid of things going wrong, maybe because  you are hoping that someone else will help you make the decision so that if things do go wrong, you have someone to blame, maybe you think this other choice is better, more presentable and stable, and even though you wouldn't be so thrilled and happy about it, at least it’s a safe choice. Plus, everyone approves…

Shame on you. For being such a coward. For not daring to stand out instead of fit in. For not trusting that your subconscious only reveals what you yourself are really  thinking. For not believing in yourself.
Shame on you for giving up.


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