The stronger sex!

I had never really taken the time to wonder why there is so much hype about women. It was just one of those facts that I was indifferent about. I mean I liked it,I appreciate the appreciation, but I just wasn't interested enough to ponder further on an issue such as that. The various songs about women, the various holidays, it was like the wind to me; its a mystery where it comes from and where its going but you're not curious enough to find out more. Women's day was just a public holiday I was grateful for because I did not have to go to work.

Honestly speaking, for a long time, I thought it was a stroke of bad luck that I am a woman, a disadvantage of sorts. We are supposedly the emotional ones, we are the ones supposed to step aside and put others before self, and no matter what they tell you, there is still a heck load of gender based discrimination going on everywhere. Being a woman in a working environment where men still do not categorize your ideas and input as equally sound as theirs is the story of many women's lives. We are still fighting for our rights along side the African Americans, homosexuals and every other minority group you can think of, albeit on a smaller more subtle scale. 

Women are strong

Today more than ever, this truth is extremely clear to me. I have realized that the strength, the well known and well talked-about strength of a woman has got absolutely nothing to do with the physical ability to lift a heavy bag of cement or run fifty kilometers or invent life changing home appliances ( although there is a good number of women doing this). The strength of a woman lies on the inside; it's the way she thinks, reasons, perseveres, sacrifices, forgives, loves, cares. It's the way she handles the pressure of her day to day life. Is the way she recovers when life pushes her to the ground, while still wearing a smile, and the way she is always reinventing herself, making sure to always meet and beat the constant expectations of those around her in an ever changing world. Its in the way she balances the many roles thrown at her, the way she rebuilds after a storm has destroyed everything she had, and its the way she continues to rebuild storm after storm. 

Yes, there are moments of irrationality, times when they blow things out of proportion, even times when their demands seem absurd, but the one thing you will never find is a woman who has completely given up. They harness that inner strength and fight until the end, and if you took a second to look just a little more closely at the women you know, you will see that every single woman has got it in her, yes, even that one that just popped into your mind right now; she too has got it going on.

Never in my life have I ever been this proud to be a woman. 


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