All I do is smile. And laugh. And dance.


There’s only you.

It’s us against the world. There’s only us at the end of the day. Just you and me. I see your face and I’m lost for words. I have to take a second and take you all in.

My love.

All mine.

What is this feeling? A joy so intense that it makes me choke up and leaves me speechless. You have made me so happy. You are everything and more. I wouldn’t change anything about you. So amazing, and kind, and generous, so real and mature.

So beautiful.

The way you love me; it’s like nothing I’ve known before. I want it all to myself, and yet I want the whole world to know what I’ve found. I want to show you off, and yet I don’t want to share you. I smile when I think of you. And even as I write this, tears flood my key board.

What is this feeling??? Does everyone else feel this or is it just me? If they do, how do they manage to control themselves?

I want to hold you so tight, squeeze you so tight till there’s no space left between us, till you are a part of me. And we are one. You’ve showed me what it is to fully trust. To fully belong. To be fully comfortable. I couldn’t keep you out even if I tried. No holding back, no defenses. You see me as I am, even the deepest darkest ugly corners, and still you look at me like I am the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

I will never get enough of you. I will never stop wanting to look at you, and be with you, and have you by my side. I will never tire of holding your hand, or laying my head on your shoulder, or holding you. I will never stop wanting to call you first, or stop sharing private jokes. I will never get tired of the way you smell or feel.  
You make me so happy.  Your face, your eyes, your fingers, your hands, your lips…your lips. When we kiss, the world stops moving. Everything goes silent. Everything freezes. It’s like it’s just us, just you me left on earth. Nothing moves. Everything is on stand still. My brain is suddenly vacant, like a room that was quickly exited and nothing was left in it. I can’t think. All I can do is look at you, and wait for the earth to come alive again. But even when it does, it’s not the same. Because I know something everyone else doesn’t know.

I will be with you. I will stand with you, stand by you, stand for you, and stand beside and behind you always. I will laugh with you, and cry with you, dance with you and sing with you, make you happy, make you mad, build you and challenge you. I will grow up with you, and grow old with you, and grow bigger and stronger with you.  I will hold you close, and fight with you when I’m angry, and forgive you when I’m calmed, and support you always. I will never shut you out, or change. I will accept you, and admire you and always look at you like I did the first time. I will never leave you.

It’ll always be you and me, just us, always.


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