Less change, more growth.

We’ve all heard the saying that change is the only constant and if you don’t change, then change will change you.

I have been a conformer to this mantra for a really long time until it hit me; this does not apply to our characters. It may apply to techniques, strategies, technologies and so on but not to our characters.
The Bible says God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. As Christians, what you want to do is be transformed to become more and more like Jesus daily.

What you want to do instead is GROW. Call it change that is positive and personal.

 There must be some things that you wish were different about you. If you are absolutely content with the way you are now, know also that no one is perfect and if you ask God to, He will show you which parts of you can be improved [and how], not because there is something wrong with you but because it is His will that we move from glory to glory, that we graduate from milk to food.

I recently said that prayer. I didn’t particularly say ‘God make me see all my weaknesses’, mind you. I was mostly focusing on asking Him to make me and my situation/circumstances even better, you know, the usual safe and general prayers... But being God, He instead showed me something in me, a certain habit that needed to change. I didn’t  bother to fight it or defend myself because I know better than to fight God. To be honest,I hadn't even realized that I'd been doing it and I wasn't even aware how wrong it was before then.

Instead, I’m working on it with prayer and the strength that God gives me. I can actually tell you that I will probably never be comfortable again with that habit. I will continue to work on curbing it till the day I die. Funny thing is, my circumstances have become better through doing this.

So the next time you feel the itch to make a change, maybe simply because you feel you have been doing the same thing for too long, consider growing instead.


  1. Nicely put Kullein. We cannot escape growth it's inevitable.


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