Still believing...

“We're soul mates," he says. "We are forever. Our kind of love cannot be destroyed.”
Stacey Jay, Juliet Immortal.

Yesterday I watched the E! True Hollywood Story of  The late Patrick Swayze. Most people knew him for the passionate actor that he was. But I was really moved by his relationship with his wife. They met when she was fifteen, and even though he moved to another city to chase his dreams,he came back,married her in the back yard of her parents house because they couldnt afford all the proper wedding works, and then they both left their home town Texas with only $2000 to start a new life together. Unlike most hollywood marriages,they stayed together,throughout his addictions, childlessness, cancer and everything. There were never rumours of a divorce or a split up or infidelity. Right to the day of his death, it was true love.

Patrick Swayze(RIP) and wife.
Needless to say,watching this took me back to the days when being in love actually meant something and could be seen by all. And even though most of the world nolonger believes in such a thing as true love,including most of my friends,no doubt due to all the negative experiences, and even though there are times when my faith also dwindles,I still believe in it. I believe in soulmates,being so united with someone,you are literally one being. I still  believe that its possible to find a bestfriend and lover all in one person and to be able to fully and without restrain give your heart and everything to them and getting the same;to breathe the same air they breathe, to hurt when they hurt and to have only the two of you in your own little world forever. Its not easy to find,but I wont stop looking and hoping....


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