In the Morning by the sea...(read pool).

Today morning, I went to work (ok, not really work but something of the sort). I went earlier than usual, mostly because the place where I was going has this really cozy restaurant right next door that hasn’t yet been discovered by everyone and has a lovely pool view, especially in the morning; not forgetting delicious breakfast specials.

 I wanted to have a quiet morning by myself so I could wallow in whatever emotions I was feeling before it got crowded and I was forced to socialize. Plus I was having a long sad morning and I needed to brainstorm about the way forward regarding a certain area of my life…

 Anyway, I get to my cafe and move to the other side to sit by the pool and ponder, and lo and behold, there was already someone! Seated in my usual spot! Lounging so casually as if he did not know that he was seated where I usually sit and would want to continue sitting. Not only was he warming my seat (and I prefer my seats cool and fresh) but he was one of those people whose face would be recognized almost anywhere by almost anyone, a celebrity if you must. Goodbye to the seclusion and low numbers of particular people that usually came here. People would start to flood this place after this!!

  But I was not to be deterred. I moved on to the next seat and started to make conversation with one of the guys that was cleaning the pool in order to calm down and get over my disappointment. After exchanging pleasantries with him (because even when you steal my seat, I still remember my manners) and just as I was about to settle into the seat on the next table, Mr. Celebrity has the balls to ask me to join him. Clearly it was an invite to conversation as I could see from the left-overs of a very strange mix of foods for breakfast on the plate in front of him that he had already had his. I thought, ok, why not? You’ve already warmed the seat anyway… so I joined him. And then the strangest thing happened.

 We talked non-stop for about three hours. And I’m not talking about dragged out conversation where one has to grasp at strings of some far-fetched topic in order to sustain the convo, no. It was the kind that flowed non-stop, had lots of laughs involved and needed no explanation. It was a good conversation. The likes of which I had not had in a long time. With a stranger.

 Apart from making my morning, and probably whole day better, I must say it renewed my dwindling faith in the human race. There’s still good people out there, you just have to be open minded and flexible enough to give them and yourself a chance.


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