No perfect love

     What is it that makes a mother abandon her new born baby? Or makes a husband cheat on the love of his life? What is that one thing that makes you reach out and lash at the ones you hold closest to your heart? Or look your mother in the eye and lie to her? What makes one’s best friend snatch her boyfriend right underneath her nose or change the name on that prize ticket?
      Maybe am just a sucker for the good in people but I refuse to believe that some people are simply cold hearted and have no conscience. Try as I might to imagine what it might be like to have no scruples or sense of remorse, I still find it impossible. Believe me when I say it is possible to love someone with the whole of your heart and all you have in you and yet still go behind their backs and do that which you know will hurt them the most. Psychologists will say it’s our other side, you know how we are all supposed to have an evil side that is usually kept under lock and key and only surfaces at those rear times when you lose control but I believe it’s something else.
     It’s our very own defiant human nature, the very same thing that makes us want to defy the simple basic things that come naturally…the same thing that makes you not go to the bathroom until your bladder is two seconds away from bursting, or that will keep you glued to the t. v screen until you drop off the chair from sleep, or that thing that will make you want to use your broken leg to walk before its time. It’s the constant inner conflict taking place inside us. We are always at war with our selves, whether we know it or not. So even in love, there is no perfect love. We can only hope that one day one will be able to muster all that goes on within us and bring it to a unidirectional harmony.                                                         


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