The boat cruise that was...

I am really not one to boast or show off,and I have thought about this a lot,wondering if I should post about it or not...and after a long debate,I have decided to. 
My closest friends and I went for this cruise a while back and it was the most surreal humbling moment that I can possibly remember.Apart from being indescribably fun,it just got me thinking 'How Great is our God!! Look at all he has created with His mouth'...and I decided,this blog is going to be here forever and this is a memory I want to cherish..I want to be able to come back five years from now,look at this post and smile fondly,irrespective of where we will all be then,what we will be going through or if we will still be friends I am posting this to preserve timelessly one of the most precious days,and nights of my


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