One world to another...

It’s a scary new world L
This is a good thing .I should be happy. No, I should be overjoyed. But I am not. I am actually scared.
It’s a scary experience. I have wanted all along to forget you. And now it is happening. But I am actually scared. I could try to reason with myself as to why this is so…

For a while, you were my world. And just like every world, there were mountains and there were valleys. There was rain and there were the sunny seasons. There was snow and there was spring. But it was my world. There were good days, and not so good days, and excellent days. There were days my world was peaceful and calm and filled with good cheer and there were gloomy days, when the skies were dark and gray, and the cold winds blew. But it was my world. And I had been in it long enough to know how to deal with it.
I knew where to shelter myself when the rain started to pour heavily. I knew how to wade my way through the waters when the flood waters were high. I knew where to go shopping for warm clothing when I noticed that the winters were coming. I knew when to stay indoors and not try to get through the storm. I knew when it was just a drizzle and when it was a storm.
And I knew how to play on the sandy beaches during the hot summers. I knew which spots had the best breezes, and I knew which roads would take me home fastest. I knew the bumpy ones and the smooth ones. I knew how to keep myself busy during the long days, and what to do when the heat became too intense. I knew how to smile at the jokes that the world threw me, and how to laugh along…it was my world. And I loved my world.
Now I have to move on to another world .It could be a better world, yes. But I am scared of this new world. Will I ever be able to adapt? Do I want to adapt? If I had to choose, would I choose this new better scary world?

Yes. I am scared indeed.


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