Once i was sent a message on were supposed to update your status according to drinks.each drink represented your current relationship status.and i remember vodka represented being the other woman a.k.a mistress.i can assure you there were quiet a number of people whose statuses said vodka.

And it got me thinking,who is to blame for this whole mistress situation?Should we blame the women for being easy and without morals?For not respecting someone else' s property?Should we blame the men for lacking self control?For not appreciating the treasures that they already have? Or is this whole fidelity issue a faint memory that existed only in the past times? Is it always the men that vehemently pursue another woman even when they are already settled for life?Or is it the women that are greedy and selfish and will do what they must to get what they want regardless of who gets hurt in the process? Or is it sometimes a case of unavoidable helpless circumstances of uncontrollable passion from both parties?

A wise woman once said; "Judge not for you know not". And as much as I'm itching to make a verdict of some sort about all this,to strongly support my reasonable beliefs about the whole issue,i will refrain.Because at the end of the day,there is no particular formula for life.There is no set of rules or ten-step-procedure that works for every one every time in life.Every situation is different and works out differently.So unless you are the one going through it,you have no right to make any judgements.


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