The Easter that was…

Once again I’m reminded of what I knew all along: family is the most important thing at the end of the day, and if you are lucky enough to find friends that you can call family, then even better. The more the merrier.

Today was AMAZING!!

And no, we didn’t do anything or go anywhere. At first I was a bit skeptical, this being the first big holiday where we didn’t go anywhere, not even to the village, not even to Murchison falls like we had originally planned, and as we drove to church this morning, I thought it was  going to be a long same-old weekend. I was in for a huge shock. Life is definitely what you make it. I decided to keep a positive attitude, to stick to the basics (something I’ve been trying to master for the last few months) and to make do with what I already had. I was going to put effort into making this work. So when our guests started to arrive, and we laid out the table, I kept the smile on my face. And then my friend Aisha arrived and from then on it was uphill.

I can tell you that this has been the best Easter I’ve celebrated since the day I was born. We laughed so hard, till our faces were so contorted with laughter we couldn’t breathe straight; we danced till the sweat was literally pouring down our faces, ran around, ate till we were drunk on food, and then got kinda high on sweet wine! And the best thing was the genuine warmth and affection for each other that filled the room. There was no pretense or showing off, or proving anything to anyone. All our problems were forgotten during this precious time and I didn’t have a care in the world. And just as I sat back and recorded the video of all this, I realized that right there, all of those people, they were my family. The most important people in my life. And I was gripped with a love so strong, I didn’t know I still had it in me.

This is what Easter should be about. Not only the unspeakable victory that we gain through Jesus Christ rising from the dead, but all the relationships, feelings, hopes and dreams that rise with him. Happy Easter!


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