Field trip to Bulisa district.

Just the mention of this name makes me shudder. Remember that one thing that you ate that left a sour yucky taste in your mouth and somehow when somebody mentions it, you can almost taste it!
That was Bulisa district for me. It was a class trip and we were doing a medical survey in communities bordering the lakes in Uganda. I hate to sound like a snob but this is the report I have to give:
Did it suck big ones?
Sucked huge huuuuge ones! It was freaking hot and even at 3am we were sweating like crazy. And when we were lucky enough to get a waft of fresh air, all it did was blow lake flies up our nostrils!!
Also sucked. Our houses were made of mad and wattle, had no ceilings, were bloody hot as I mentioned and too small.
Not too bad surprisingly. Didn’t suck so much, but the monotony could get to you.
Really tiring. We had to go out into the community, beg them to let us help them and by the end of the day we were exhausted! Can’t say it sucked though seeing as this is why we were there.
No offense but this sucked massive ones!! I guess you can’t say you know someone till you have lived with them for about a week. Enough said.

All in all, Bulisa was an educative experience, more in a learn-from-this-traumatic-experience way than anything else but I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Or think twice about ever eating fish again! 


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