Heaven's gates and hell's flames :)

So forgive me because I realize this post is like three months overdue, I have been so busy with the uncertain unpredictable ups and downs of life but I felt that this was a day that I should write about.
Three things stood out for me on this day:
11)      The same faces that have been coming for this show once every four years for the past ten years or so are the ones that I saw even this time. So it was good to see the change in people’s faces and behavior a few years later. Kind of like a time capsule

22)      The performance never disappoints. It’s like eating ice cream. Even if it’s the same flavor every other time, it’s still as delicious as the first time you had it. The sweetness does not fade.

33)      The company: I called up a friend of mine that i hadn’t seen in a while. Only one seeing as I had only two tickets. We hadn’t talked in a while and I was afraid that it would be awkward since we had both probably changed…
I had an amazing time. We laughed till tears were literally flowing down our faces, till our ribs hurt. I’m quite surprised they didn’t have us thrown out of the church altogether. And I realized; we still got it. That’s the stuff of true friendships, not matter how long It’s been, when you sit down to catch up, it feels like just yesterday when you were together.


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