Prototype: Writer.

Prototype: Writer…
In my secondary school, a friend of mine had a book. This book was of particular interest to the both of us. To her, because it contained a summary of class notes she no doubt wanted to revise. To me because it contained bits and pieces of amazing writing. The owner of the book (who turned out to be my friend’s sister’s friend J ) liked to write too and when we were leaving that chapter of school behind, at my request, I was given this book as souvenir which I still posses to this day.

As luck would have it, a few years later, I got to meet the owner of this book. And just as I had pictured, she was dark and mysterious, reserved and yet gives you the impression that a storm was brewing in her mind. Since that time, I have quietly observed that this seems to be a trend with most writers. They are usually a bit of loners, very private and have a mysterious aura about them. As they say, a writer never tells.

This is something that has been worrying me of late. Am I really a writer? I mean, I’m mostly a sunny smiley person. I see the humor in just about everything I think of and I like to have lots of people around. What am I to do? Should I force myself to be alone? To be broody and absorbed in thought 90% of the time so I can fit the prototype? Are there several different types of writers maybe? And I’m just under one of the many different ones?

Well I figured it out today. There are no types of writers. You are either a writer or you are not. It’s simply about the feeling you get when you write. It’s possible to be bright and giggly and yet write a sad dark piece just as it is possible to be feeling down and yet pull off a celebratory piece.

I also found out that I do have that mysterious reserved side of me. And there are times when I DO want to be by myself, but that is not what makes you a writer. You have to have it in your very blood molecules. There is a certain confirmation deep inside yourself that can never be shaken by anyone about this bit of who you are. It’s almost like being in love, you can’t really explain to someone else, but you know for a fact that you are…

I am a writer.


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