“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

In spite of what men like to think, women run the world. But most importantly, they run the most basic and yet crucial unit in the universe. The family.  It is your wife(or whatever variations of that have come up in the last few centuries) that determines what you wear, what you eat, what your house looks like, what kind of house you do get, the rules in your home, and last but most certainly not least, how your children are raised.

So I’m sure we all want to believe that we will be good fathers and we will spend lots of time with our kids and have a huge part in their upbringing and generally be the kind of dad that Is the envy of all children in the neighborhood. That’s all good and we appreciate the thought, but let’s be realistic. How many of the good men we know actually get to do this when they are so busy looking for bigger, better and faster ways to provide for their families?

Which brings me to my point. The kind of wife you marry is exactly the kind of children you will have. Because whether we like it or not, they are the ones that mould your children. So do you want outspoken children? Then get yourself a girl that speaks her mind like it’s the gospel. Do you want respectful obedient children? Then look at how your current boo treats her elders and you. Do you want God fearing children? Then you know what to do. Because miracles do not happen quite as often as we want them to, and no way in this life time is darkness going to give birth to light!!


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