Seven ways to know..for the ladies.

I will begin by saying I’m no expert on these issues, in fact I didn’t think  there would come a day when I would write about something like this, something so mooshy and already over explored but alas!! You have probably been given a million tips already, but who am I not to contribute afew of my own here are some of the key red lights that I think you should not over look.

1. No routine
As much as I hate monotony, one is always safest with the basics when it comes to relationships. So if your boo is always saying things like ‘lets be spontaneous’ or ‘how about we just see how it goes’ as a way of getting out of making plans with you, whether it be to a movie, dinner or even an evening walk, beware. You never do anything normal couples do because its ‘too common’ or ‘that’s what everyone does’, you should be worried.

2. Always saying goodbye
Your first response to any problem is to walk away from it all. Even if he says it first, you were already thinking it anyway. Bad sign. One of the key factors of a long lasting relationship is if you can at least stay with each other in the tough times, let alone work through them.

3. Never sees you
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, NOT!!! If you are into someone and vice versa, you will think up each and any excuse to see them, even if only for a few minutes. So if you only see each other once a month, or you are always the one suggesting the meet-ups, check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!

4. Never talks about the future
It’s been three years and not even once has your so-called better-half mentioned  or included you in their future plans. And when they do, it’s very vague and your input is never required. Here’s a possible reason why: you’re not in them!!

5. No waterworks.
And this is one from personal experience(probably because this mostly applies to the ladies). For some reason, even after a fight or break-up scare, you can’t bring yourself to cry over him anymore. You want to cry, in fact you try to cry, the feeling is right there in your chest, but the tears refuse to come. REFUSE!!!

6. No show.
He is just never there when he says he will be there. He never keeps his promises, he never delivers what is required of him, doesn’t show up when he says he will, he somehow always doesn’t EXIST when you need him.

7. Semi climax.
The relationship is a constant semi-climax. Even the good times are lacking something, and try as you might to act like it’s all ok, the nagging thought is starring at you wide-eyed from the back of your head. Your whole life becomes a case of waiting for something even more exciting to happen so that maybe, maybe, you will feel the fiery overwhelming sense of happiness and completion you once used to feel.

You’re not making each other better in any way. Maybe you should consider counting your losses?


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