In life, there are two kinds of people. Givers and takers .And every once  in a while, the takers will go out of their way to be givers to people that are special in their life or mean a lot to them.
All my life, I’ve been a giver. I’m always going out of my way to make sure everyone that I care about Is happy, always giving my time and services and whatever, always doing for others.

The other day, I talked to one of my classmates. I do not necessarily consider my classmates my friends because of the huge difference in character and interests and many other things. But when I called this particular girl called Molly who is the closest I can come to calling a friend in that class, I was pleasantly surprised and moved to tears. She had gone out of her way to do something for me that I hadn't even asked her to do. Almost the equivalent of going to the registrar, doing all your registration for you, getting you a room in hall and collecting the semester’s work for you(and we all know how long this process takes).

Now I need you to understand that this girl owes me nothing and vice versa. Forget those guys that are being extra nice because they want to date you, or sleep with you, or show off to the world that they are nice, or need some kind of help somewhere. Forget those. This was a selfless act, where the doer was going to gain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And when I asked Molly why she did what she did, she said “I know you Kullein, you were going to take forever to get it done so I did it for you”. Simple as that.  I was completely and totally moved by this simple act and I wondered if this is not what true friendships and relationships should be about, people always looking out for each other, a two-way street?? About someone not waiting to be asked to do something that they CAN do that is good for you? Even if they themselves will not gain any form doing it? Most of my friendships I now realize are all about me giving something and because I’m such a giver, I never thought that I should be getting something back too. And since molly did what she did, I have been re evaluating my friendships.

So to all you giving friends/lovers/family members out there(not you the takers!!!), the next time you go around giving someone your time, advice, money, shoulder to cry on, food,help, mention it, think of the last time that person did the same for you? And ask yourself the question, if the situation was reversed, would they do the same for you??

Then you will know how many people really are your friends.


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