Work in progress.

I hoped I would know by now what was causing my “writer’s block”, but I still don’t know. Good news is, it’s like my writing juices just decided to start flowing all over sudden. I guess the fact that I got a new desktop also sort-of helps (my beloved laptop is still comatose). I don’t know what or who has come into or left my life, but either way I’m grateful for this path of release once again...




So I made a decision at the beginning of this year to live for Jesus. How is it going, you ask? Not too well. In fact, it’s going disastrously. It’s like everything that the devil knows weakens my resolve and is definitely not Christian, even those that were previously nothing but a distant blurry dream, have suddenly been put at my disposal. He made a buffet of all that and planted it straight in my path. Yes, I have managed to avoid most of these things, but every once in a while there has been an offer that was too juicy to resist, and sadly I fell.


Here’s the good news though. God’s Grace is sufficient for me! And I am reminded today that none of us is perfect. We are all bound to do something that is wrong at one point or another. And it’s easy to feel condemned or unable to change. The trick, like I’ve always said, is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. No matter what it takes, or how long it takes, as long as you never give up after all is said and done, then there’s still hope for you yet.


You are still a work in progress and you are allowed to have a few shortcomings. By the time God is done with you, no one will even remember any of them. So keep calm, and keep doing you the best way you know howJ.


Live and love!




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