“Being successful is basically two steps.
1. Figure out what you want.
2.  Go after it with all you’ve got.
 I find that step one is always the harder one.”- Anonymous.

I’m a victim of this quote. One of those “can’t really describe it but I’ll know it when I see it” people. I get bored really quick, and if something comes too easy, then I almost always lose interest. A friend and I once joked about it, saying maybe we have some testosterone. Now it’s not too funny anymore, in fact it’s a bit scary and time is fast spent. It’s a Christian principle to finish what you started and fight as much as I can, I still can’t shake this part of who I am.

I’m going on a quest to find out if there are people out there that are like me, and if so, what have they done to solve this. Hopefully this journey will end with some answers/solutions. Because if not, then I just might end up a ‘lonely old woman with only her cats for company’.


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