It’s been said tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. I have come to the conclusion that this statement not only refers to your friends, but your boyfriends, colleagues, happy hour buddies, the discussion group you choose to have. The ‘what’s-app’ groups you join/create the church you decide to go to etc... There’s something about your choice that reflects a certain aspect of your personality.

This brings me to another kind of similar point. You know those friends that you were once really close to but now aren’t anymore? You don’t like what they have become, you can’t believe some of the things they do these days, and how they act, or the choices they’ve made, or for some reason or the other, they just aren’t on your list of priorities anymore? When you do get to meet, the conversation that used to go on forever is summed up in all of two minutes…yeah we all have those…

The truth is, we all change. Change is the only constant in this world. As we grow older, naturally, our tastes change, we pursue different careers, we get busier and so time for socializing with your besties is not in as much abundance as it used to be. And we find that we don’t quite like the courses that some of our friends lives have taken. But before you quickly judge your friend for whatever mistake she made or foul character she developed along the years, ask yourself why you were friends in the first place. If at one point in time you were both able to see things the same way, then maybe you aren’t as different as you think.


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